Odoo FastReport SaaS 

FastReport Integration as Software as a Service solution

In the meantime, our FastReport Integration can also be booked as a SaaS solution (Software as a Service) on a German server.

So if you want to use our FastReport Integration, you can now also rent it. 

We offer this in the following package or price scales: 

Tarif Starter 

15 ,00

per month, plus tax
  • up to 250 prints 
    per month

Tarif Medium


per month, plus tax
  • up to 500 prints 
    per month

Tarif Profi


per month, plus tax
  • up to 1000 prints 
    per month

Tarif Unlimited


per month, plus tax 
  • unlimited prints 
    per month

Package content

  • Equitania FastReport Designer for Windows

  • Base Reports for your Odoo Version

  • Detailed documentation

  • Modul für lokales Drucken über Windows (bis V12) 

Our example reports can be downloaded and seen here. 

Download our current Basic FastReports for Odoo Version 12 as PDF. The PDF includes the basic reports from purchasing, sales and stock. There are some more internal documents which we have revised and which are also included in the package, e.g. reports from time recording, personnel and different labels. 


Software Hosted in Germany

Software Hosted in Germany 

The seal „Software Hosted in Germany“is aimed at software manufacturers who offer solutions that can be used via the Internet.

It distinguishes particularly secure software that can be used via the Internet. The software and the data are hosted in a data center in Germany, the software and the data do not leave Germany.

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