The 6th summit of the Bitmi in Stuttgart

Participants travel from all over Germany to the Bitmi summit
Award ceremony for software Made in Germany

Award ceremony for software Made in Germany

On Thursday, October 31, 2019, a workshop was held at the IAO (Institute for Industrial Engineering and Organization) of the Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart
the summit meeting of the BITMI Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand e.V. (Federal Association of IT Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises) with headquarters in Aachen.  At 2 p.m., the welcoming address in the auditorium of the ILO by the 2nd Chairman of the Board Martin Hubschneider started. Afterwards, the President of Bitmi Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Oliver Grün addressed a few words to the participants who had travelled from all over Germany to attend the Bitmi summit.

Prof. Dr. Weisbecker from the Fraunhofer Institute presented her institute and the work at the Stuttgart location in the following. She also presented some interesting statistics on digital transformation. For example, in one of the statistics entitled "German companies are getting smarter" she showed that 43% of companies are already actively using cloud computing. Afterwards she went outside the ILO building to take a group picture. This was followed by an inspection of the VR SPACE. Here, a virtual tour with the latest technology and VR glasses in a live model of the building in 4K resolution was made possible. 

This was followed by a guided tour through the extremely innovative rooms of the IAO at the Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart-Vaihingen. For example, the room climate, ventilation, air humidification and temperature are controlled throughout the building and are always kept exactly the same. It is not possible for employees to open a window in the office on their own
Furthermore, there are no permanent jobs. Everyone can take the space and room they need to work. Another feature: the workstations no longer have a telephone. There is a telephone ban in the office, so to speak. Anyone who needs to make a phone call goes to specially set up "phone booths" or outside.

Afterwards the participants were presented with the seals for their software Made in Germany. Our software ownERP has received the seal Software Made in Germany and Software Hosted in Germany for the first time in 2019.

Software Made in Germany

Software Made in Germany

This year ownERP and ID VisitControl Software Made in Germany are awarded by Equitania. 


Software Hosted in Germany

Software Hosted in Germany

ownERP IS also Software Hosted in Germany certified. 

The event continued in the auditorium with the presentation of the new seal, a world premiere so to speak, which is intended to act as an international seal. The website for the newly created quality seal is scheduled to go online at the beginning of December. 

The 7 principles are mainly based on the principles of the DSGVO: 

  •  ensure data protection 

  •  be economical with data 

  •  no disclosure of data 

  •  let the users decide

  •  no tricks with the users

  •  complete transparency 

  •  be responsive to the users 

This was followed by the introduction of the participants through short elevator pitches in which the participants could introduce themselves and their companies. 

The last item on the programme was drinks (Baden beer in the Swabian capital!) and snacks from the buffet at the Get together. 

Fraunhofer Instituts in Stuttgart