Financial accounting and automatic account generation with ownERP

This module optimizes your ownERP system for German accounting.
The financial accounting package for your ownERP system

The financial accounting package for your ownERP system

This module optimizes your ownERP system for German accounting. Besides an updated SKR03/SKR04 chart of accounts you can also select the industry chart of accounts. Furthermore customer and vendor numbers are generated automatically.  

Export your accounts receivable, accounts payable, purchasing and sales data in a DATEV-compatible format. 

Whether  package service provider, package webshop or package manufacturing,the financial accounting package is included.

In Odoo 10 we have converted the entire financial accounting to the modules of our partner Syscoon. That means we have developed new modules here. These modules configure the entire financial accounting including automatic account generation and DATEV export. Through the module eQ_syscoon_partner we have also established compatibility with the Equitania extensions. You can find the exact configuration of the modules in our Wiki entry. entnehmen. 

The financial accounting package for your ownERP system

In the documentation you will find a list of the modules that must be installed. I will now introduce the functionality of the modules. As soon as we have configured our user and the company as described in the wiki entry, we will see the tab Financial Interface under Finances.  

The financial accounting package for your ownERP system

The financial interface.  

To see the Financial Interface tab as a user, we go to the Settings, Users and select the user who will see the financial interface in the financial app. Click on Edit and check the box Financial Interface. I save this and now jump directly to the finances in the tab Financial interface. Under Create financial exports you can now create financial exports for a certain time frame by specifying the journals, which are configured in the company.   

In this case we have chosen the outgoing and incoming invoices. In the period from 10/06 to today. I will start this export now.

The financial accounting package for your ownERP system

csv file for download

As you can see, we now have an overview of the booking records and can now download the CSV file here, which I will enter into DATEV later.

The financial accounting package for your ownERP system

Here is an example how the CSV file looks like.

In the master data export we can export all master data or new master data. This means that the list contains all vendors and customers in our system. If we choose the option only new, only the data that has been added since the last export is exported. Again, a CSV file is created. We can download this file and import it into DATEV as well. You can see that companies that are created as both debtors and creditors in my company will appear twice in this list. 

The financial accounting package for your ownERP system

Automatic account generation

The second important feature I want to show today in this module is the automatic account generation. You can find this under Configuration in the Financials. There you can define the automatic account generation for our company. 

The financial accounting package for your ownERP system

Here I will define standard accounts for customer and vendor postings.

In addition, if the checkbox is checked, we have here automatically the customer number generation according to the sequence that we have previously defined in the settings of our installation, as described in the wiki. A special setting option is that we can specify when such an account generation takes place. Do we want to create the account already when a partner is created? Or do we want to create an account when this partner has really made an order? If we want to avoid an unnecessary accumulation of accounts and customer numbers, we choose the last option that a customer number is only created when an order is generated. However, this is up to each individual.

So if I use and save this first setting Partner and jump to my sales, create and save a partner there, a customer number for this customer is generated immediately. If I now choose the option Order and also create a new customer, no customer number and a customer or vendor account is generated at first. I will now quickly carry out the sales process for the sister company. I can now generate and confirm my invoice. If I now jump to the customer here, I can see that a new customer number has been continuously generated as soon as an invoice has been created.


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Partner Syscoon

In cooperation with our partner Syscoon we support and manage the financial accounting in Odoo and ownERP.


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