Personnel management and attendance times with Odoo

Each package contains the attendance times module for the time recording of your employees

By a decision of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in May 2019, all companies will be required to systematically record the working hours and absences of their employees. See here in the video our time recording with a Raspberry Pi terminal in the daily use of the employees:  

Personalmanagement und Anwesenheitszeiten mit Odoo

We have adapted and significantly improved the extension module for the Odoo personnel administration and attendance times in Odoo.  Every ownERP package, whether service provider, webshop or manufacturing, includes the module for the time recording of your employees. However, if you wish, you will also receive only one ownERP instance for the time recording of your employees with as many terminals and RFID tags as you need for your business. 

With this module it is possible for employees to record their attendance times including breaks in the Odoo module themselves. The mask is kept simple and therefore easy to use without much training. 

It is also possible to generate and print reports for an employee's working times and leave account in the form of a monthly report. We support the absence types break, holiday, night, vacation, illness and school. 

What the module can do in detail, you can see in our video Attendance times personnel:  


The content of the Odoo Tutorial also as transcript in this blog entry:

Hello and welcome to this video in which I would like to explain to you today the extensions for the recording of Odoo attendance times in the personnel area of Odoo 10.

The module you absolutely need for this is called eQ HR Time Management. To be able to use this application, you must already have created a company with several employees who have access to your account on the Odoo system. The employee then logs into the system with his or her access data and then goes to the Attendance Times tab. There he now has the possibility to check in and start working.

After completing the log-in process, your employee now has the option of checking out or taking a break. If he is on a break, he must then end the break again on the screen. At the end of the working day, your employee will log out via the interface. It is possible to take several breaks in one work phase. This means, for example, that you can enter a breakfast break and a lunch break in the system.

In order to record overtime for your employees, a valid contract with the weekly working time must be stored for the employee. You can find this as a personnel manager or administrator under the menu option "Personnel" or "Contracts".

Another adjustment that you can only see in the developer mode is the extension to round the time list of the employees under configuration settings. This means that if this flag is set, the times are rounded to quarter hours in favor of the employer. This means that if one of your employees logs on at 8:05, the system records this as 8:15. If an employee logs off at 16:29, this is calculated back to 16:15. If you uncheck this box, the working time of your employees will be accounted to the minute and exact numbers will be recorded.

We have also extended the report for the time setup for Odoo 10. This report is not available in the auto standard. This report is exclusively from us. Here you get an overview of the working hours of your employees and can also view absences such as vacation, holidays, school or sick days in the report. You can print this report here under Personnel in the employee under print time statement. Enter an end date, usually the end of the month. You can display and print this report. The report displays the time statement for the relevant month and the annual leave overview. We have also documented this module for you in our Wiki module. You can find the link here in the video description.

Thank you for your attention and I look forward to the next video with you.

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