Investment security through ownERP L(ong) T(erm) S(upport)

You can count on our Long Term Support

The introduction or conversion of a merchandise management or ERP system involves a great deal of time and sometimes financial expenditure. Even if the software industry tends to constantly bring new versions onto the market, the cost-benefit analysis should always be the motive for you as a customer to change over.

Therefore we will offer you an LTS for our Odoo versions in the sense of a long-term partnership.

In order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, we only support two Odoo versions at the same time. Experience has shown that Odoo changes many things radically in the odd versions. It then always takes a certain amount of time until the new version runs stable and is accepted and supported by the community. With our procedure you can assume that our versions supported by the LTS are always tried, documented and tested.

We currently support the following versions:

ownERP 10 LTS

Duration until 31.12.20

ownERP 12 LTS

Duration until 31.12.2012


Within the support period we offer you a comprehensive software maintenance contract, which includes updates and bug fixes. With our package Dienstleistung Systemmigration also ensures that we can port your data from one version to the next and that the data quality can be optimized during the migration.