Odoo Wechsel  / Fremdsystem Migration

Darum sollten Sie mit ihrem bestehenden Odoo System zu uns wechseln!

Die Vorteile einer Migration zu Equitania als Ihr Odoo Partner!

  • Equitania has over 30 years of ERP competence and consulting experience in countless projects.

  • We are innovative idea providers who live the Open Source idea. Much knowledge is made available free of charge.

  • You get German support with German textbooks, Wiki entries and training videos.

  • Long Term Support (LTS) - long-term support for your system without the need for constant printing of updates.

  • Ready to Go systems and thus prompt commissioning of the systems without a lengthy introduction project with cost-intensive workshops.

  • ownERP modules remain Open Source (AGPL/LGPL) for the customer

  • Sophisticated application life cycle management (Odoo does not do versioning.... we do!).

  • Solutions to the biggest Odoo problems like the integration of the report generator FastReport and the possibility to make changes yourself.

  • Integration of innovative Open Source solutions (e.g. Elastic Search, Nextcloud, ...) 

Odoo problems

  • You already use Odoo

  • Have problems with your provider!

  • We have tried it ourselves so far, but we are not getting anywhere!

  • The freely available modules are not enough for you!

  • You want to get more out of your system!

  • You lack functions for your daily work!

  • You want a competent german speaking support!

Switch to us

There can be many reasons why you are looking for a new maintainer for your Odoo System!

But there is only one solution!

Jump in with us!

The prerequisite for this is that at least the MyOdoo basic package and the Syscoon financial package can be used. 

The one-off investments are indicated for the modules mentioned above. In order to support your installation and to be able to provide further developments of the modules, a software maintenance contract (annually 20% of the software provision fee for the ownERP packages) is required. 

Step towards happiness

  • First we analyse your current system.

  • You will then receive a fixed price offer for the initial, provision and operating costs.

  • With older systems the data must be transferred to the new database structure.

  • Now your system is managed through our unique Release Manager.

  • Updates are now fully automatic. 

Vorgehensweise der Datenmigration mittels Web-API

Hierbei werden die verschiedenen Datenmodelle von dem Altsystem auf das Neusystem mittels WEB-API (XMLRPC) übertragen und ggf. angepasst oder transformiert. 

Die Erfahrung hat gezeigt, dass dieses Verfahren sinnvollerweise nur für Stammdaten verwendet wird oder zum Import von Fremddaten auf CSV, Excel oder auch anderen Datenbanken.


  • Keine vertragliche Bindung zu Odoo S.A. 

  • Direkte Bereinigung der Altdaten  

  • Parallelprozess ist möglich


  • Technisches Verständnis von Nöten 

  • Es werden nicht alle Daten übernommen

  • Sehr zeitaufwendig 

  • Fehleranfällig 

  • Nur für Stammdaten geeignet