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Microsoft 365  Outlook Connector für Odoo

Odoo Anbindung an Office 365.  Wir nutzen hier die Microsoft Web-API.

  • Import of appointments 

  • Import of incoming and outgoing Mails

  • Mailversand direkt aus Odoo über REST-API

  • Synchronisation von abonnierten Kontakten direkt in den Outlook Client 

Für Version: In der Regel ab Odoo 14 oder höher 

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With Mails Microsoft Office 365 is leading system.

You can define a folder for incoming mails and a folder for outgoing mails within your inbox.

These mails are then synchronized in your Odoo system and assigned to the contacts (customers/suppliers) with a suitable e-mail address.

Optionally you can have the e-mails deleted after the transfer.*


As with e-mails, Microsoft Office 365 / Exchange is the leading system for appointments.

As with e-mails, Microsoft Office 365 / Exchange is the leading system for appointments.

We support:

  • Individual appointments

  • Series Appointments*

  • Group appointments

  • Private appointments

  • Participants**


With contacts it is exactly the other way round. Odoo is the leading system

Many employees maintain contacts in Outlook only sporadically. Since address and contact maintenance is indispensable in merchandise management processes, the data is synchronized from Odoo to Microsoft Office 365.

All contacts* that the user has subscribed to via the "Follow" function of Odoo are synchronized.

Optionally, the contacts are removed from Outlook after the subscription ends. 

Existing contacts are not changed in Outlook.

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You can find the detailed module documentation in our Wiki

Package components

This package essentially consists of the modules:

  • eq_office365

  • eq_o365_api

  • eq_pw_encryption

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