Odoo Commmunity and Enterprise

We support both Odoo versions.

The Odoo versions Community and Enterprise

In 2015, Odoo S.A. announced a change in its business model. Instead of just developing a pure open source software, which was the basis of Odoo for many years, it moved to another open core business model. In addition to the Odoo Community, the proprietary Odoo application, called Odoo Enterprise, was released. 

From a business perspective, this change was necessary because the margins for pure services could not finance the activities of a software provider. This was offset by, among other things, high investments for product development, brand building and the establishment of the worldwide partner network.

Thus, from an open source perspective, a proprietary solution in Odoo was also necessary. So a sustainable source of revenue had to be created, which allowed to hire more developers to improve the open source software. Thus Odoo Enterprise was created.

Since then, it has been in the interest of Odoo S.A. to further develop both Odoo versions in a meaningful way:

The advantage of Odoo Community is to bring many users to Odoo and to enhance the market for individual apps.  

The advantage of Odoo Enterprise is to generate more revenue, which allows to invest more in the development of the product.

The goal is to keep a good balance between Odoo Community and Enterprise: so 80% of the developments are still open source to appeal to more users and 20% are in the Odoo Enterprise space to also improve revenue & margins. 

Another criterion for the decision for open source or enterprise is the type of application:  

Odoo Community

If it is a diversified market with 
existing open source software.

Odoo Enterprise

If it's a high-value niche market,
Odoo Enterprise is better.

You can get an overview of the individual functions of Odoo Community and Enterprise on our page: Odoo Community vs. Enterprise

We at ownERP also rely on both Odoo versions and decided depending on the project which Odoo variant suits our customers better. Since 2019 we are again official Odoo Enterprise Ready and Community Partner but also Bronze Sponsor of the Odoo Community Association. Details can be found onour partner site.

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How about using the Community version instead of Enterprise?

The open source community version of Odoo is also powerful, fully integrated, modern and fast! There are so many features that you can run and expand your business processes with this version as well. Also, since it's open source, you can access the code and make your own customizations. Always also take a look at the Odoo App Store, there are many community apps available. Talk to us about your project and together we will find the best solution.  

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