CRM Open Source

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Odoo open source CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is a powerful cloud-based CRM software to increase organizational efficiency. Odoo CRM is an open source solution that also offers you a wide range of ERP applications. So you could say Odoo is a CRM ERP software in one.

The advantage of using Odoo CRM is not only the ease of use and the ability to customize it heavily, but also the fact that sales, marketing, management and accounting departments can share it because it integrates with everything you need.

Most CRM systems rely on integration with third-party applications to provide the familiar way of working. In this case, marketing and sales rely on multiple separate applications with many logins to ensure they can perform their tasks. Odoo includes all the applications that connect sales, marketing, accounting and management. Odoo also and offers you great CRM features as well.

What is CRM anyway?

CRM , or Customer Relationship Management , is a strategy for a company's relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. A CRM solution helps companies stay in touch with their customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability.

When people talk about CRM, they usually refer to a CRM system, a tool used for contact management, sales management, productivity and more. The goal of a CRM system is simple: improve business relationships and customer service .

CRM solutions for companies

Let us briefly explain the added value.

A CRM system enables a company to deepen its relationships with customers, colleagues, partners and suppliers.

Building good relationships and keeping track of prospects and customers is critical to customer acquisition and retention, which is the core function of a CRM solution . You can see it all in one place. A simple, customizable dashboard that shows you a customer's history with your company and the status of their orders. Customer Relationship Management keeps track of open questions and concerns of the customer and provides quick insights to provide good service to the customer.

For forward-looking companies, a CRM system is the framework for this strategy.

Advantages for CRM users

Better understand sales pipeline with a CRM system

Make forecasting simple and accurate with a CRM system

Present all customer conversations transparently with a CRM system

Manage relationships better with a CRM system

Quickly train new employees with a CRM system

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